Bottoms Up Bitesize

Bottoms Up Bitesize




Bottom Up Bitesize is a two-in-one party game that is pocket-sized . The cards include a combination of instructions and challenges designed to make participants bond over liquor, banter, and poor decisions. The Bitesize edition can be played with just two people and has slightly softer topics, making it more suitable for parents and partners.

Take turns drawing cards, reading aloud the instructions to all participants, and the person or players to whom the card relates to must drink.

To play the new Black or White drinking game, flip the cards over. Take turns guessing whether the emblem on the following card will be black or white. Remove the top card to disclose the answer, and if you’re wrong, you’ll have to drink.

Inside the box, there are 52 games cards and instructions printed on premium matt laminated, water-resistant playing cards.


2 or more players are required.


This is a drinking game, and anyone who consumes alcohol must be of legal drinking age. Please consume alcohol responsibly. It is not necessary to consume alcohol.



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